Fall/Winter 2006,  Issue 1 

2006-2007, Volume 2

  “Call For Return: Fielding Questions On Lebanon,” PresenTense,
 “What Must Not Be Aired: Israeli Civil Unrest and the Invasion of Lebanon,”
  Mayim Rabim,  NYU Israel Journal, New York, NY.           


Mar. 2007

Nov. 2006

Oct. 2006

Feb. 2006

May 2005

May 2004

 “Shuvi, Shuvi haShulamit: Jerusalem Archaeologies in Kadosh and Bayit,” 
Society for Cinema and Media Studies (SCMS) Conference, Chicago, IL –

Shoah, Kedma and Walk On Water: Touch in Holocaust Film”
Film & History 2006, Dallas, TX –

“Student Networking,” Association of Moving Image Archivists (AMIA), Anchorage, AK -

“International Volunteering: Israel,” AMIA 2006, Anchorage, AK

 “Weimar Gender Roles”
Cinema Studies Student Conference 2006, NYU, NY

“Gender in Weimar Films Schuhpalast Pinkus and Hamlet,”
German Film Seminar, UC Berkeley, CA

“Jewish / Yiddish Film Weddings” Film Studies Seminar, UC Berkeley, CA

•  Also attended:                                

March 2006          Orphans Film Symposium, University of South Carolina, SC.
July 2006              Jerusalem International Film Festival, Jerusalem, Israel.
July 2006             
Jerusalem Conference of Audiovisual Archivists, Jerusalem, 2006.


Aug. 2009 - Present              American Friends of the Hebrew University Scholarship, Jerusalem, Israel
Aug. – Dec. 2005-6               NYU Graduate Fellowship, Various
June – Aug. 2006                  NYU Dorot Summer Travel Grant Recipient
May 2002                                Emily Chamberlain Cook Prize in Poetry, UC Berkeley, CA
May 2002                                Fabilli-HofferLaconicEssay Prize Honorable Mention, UC Berkeley, CA
July 1998                                Israel at Fifty Scholarship, Hebrew University of Jerusalem, Israel
July 1998                                Dorot Summer Research Grant, Hebrew University of Jerusalem, Israel
May 1995                                National Merit Scholarship
May 1995                                University of California Regents' Scholarship
May 1995                                AP Scholar with Distinction  


June 2009 - Present      Middle Eastern & Islamic Studies MA Program, Rothberg School, Hebrew University of Jerusalem
Aug.–Dec. 2005-6         Moving Image Archiving & Preservation (MIAP) MA Coursework, NYU, NY

Aug. - May 2005-6         Served as first year student representative to MIAP Committee

May 2002                         Graduated with Distinction in General Scholarship,

BA in Comparative Literature (Hebrew, Russian, English),
University of California at Berkeley (UC Berkeley), CA

Theater & Publications Experience


October 2009                  Play "Prelude to Gaza" produced by Kathie Rasmussen Theatre,  Smart Women's Project, Madison, WI
October 2009                  Play "The Colour Purple" produced in Spontaneous Combustion, Center Stage Theater, Jerusalem
                                          The Mercaz
July 2007 - Dec. 2008     Script Reader, Abingdon Theatre Company, New York, NY  
July 2007 - May 2009      Usher, 2nd Stage Theatre, Atlantic Theater Co., NYTW, New York, NY
Aug. - May 2002-3           Editorial & Marketing Assistant, Creative Arts Books, Berkeley, CA
Aug. - Oct. 2002               Telephone Sales Agent, Berkeley Repertory Theatre, Berkeley, CA
Sept. – Feb. 1999-2000     Editorial Staff, The Occasional Bagel, UC Berkeley Hillel, CA
Aug. – May. 1998-1999    Editorial Staff, Asteroid, University of California at Berkeley, CA

Teaching & Tutoring

Sept. – May 2004-5            Hebrew Teacher, 3rd Grade, Temple Beth Torah, Fremont, CA
Sept. – May 2004-5            Writing Coach - High School English Students, Berkeley, CA

June – Aug. 2003               Hebrew Tutor, Private Lessons, Berkeley, CA

Feb. - June 2000                 Teacher of English for Russian Speakers, Arad, Israel

Workshops Led

March 2009                 "Jews, Gender Theory, Bisexuality and Polyamory."
                                   NUJLS Conference 2009, University of Pennsylvania

March 2009                  "Gender-Bending and The Avant-Garde in Yiddish Film"
                                   Yiddish Break 2009, Jewish Theological Seminary of America, New York, NY

Feb. 2008                    "Finding our Place: 
                                    Images of Men, Women, and Fluidity in Jewish texts and film"
                                   Co-Led with Justin Rosen, NUJLS Conference 2008, Columbia University

Mar. – Apr. 2006               “Jewish Gender Theory,” & “Jews and Bisexuality”
National Union of Jewish LGBT Students (NUJLS) Conference 2006, Wesleyan, CT

Writing Classes & Groups Attended

Oct. 2009 - Present               Poetry Seminar with Lisa Katz, Poetry Place, Jerusalem, Israel
October 2009                         Spontaneous Combustion, Center Stage Theater, Jerusalem, Israel
May 2009 - Oct. 2009            Workshops for "The Smart Women's Project, Kathie Rasmussen Women's Theatre, Madison, WI

Sept. 2007 - Dec. 2008          Times Square Playwrights, New York, NY
Sept. 2007 - Dec. 2008         NYC Screenwriters Meetup, New York, NY

Sept. 2007 - Dec. 2007         The Rude Monkey Theatre Group, Brooklyn, NY

June - Sept. 2007                 Facilitator, Park Slope Summer Writing Group, Brooklyn, NY
Sept. - Dec. 1999                  Black Fire on White Fire, Lehrhaus Judaica, Berkeley, CA
Sept. - Dec. 1998                 Poetry in the Dark, (student group) UC Berkeley, CA
Aug.- Dec. 1996                  Creative Writing, Laney College, Oakland, CA
Sept. - Dec. 1993                 Memoir Writing Class, Vista Community College, Berkeley, CA

Published Work

FORTHCOMING -               Poetry in PresenTense Magazine
Fall 2008                                    Featured Poet at Miriam Books,
Jan. 2002 Edition                     “Tel Aviv Melody” in Big City Lit,
Feb. 2001, Vol. 1                      “She,” “Enormity,” in Sapphic Litorus, UC Berkeley, CA
Mar. 2000, Vol. 1                      “Irinka” in The Occasional Bagel, UC Berkeley, CA
Apr. 1999, Vol. 2                      “Tea House,” “Isle” in Cal Literary Arts Magazine, UC Berkeley, CA
Mar. 1999, Vol. 5                      “Out of Jaffa” in The Body Inside, Evanston, IL
Jan. 1999, Issue 27                   “Letter Knife” in Sparks,
Nov. 1998                                  “Sickle,” “Birth” in Asteroid, UC Berkeley, CA
Aug. 1998, Issue 4                    “Salt Pillar,” “To Seek,” “Tocsin” in Road of Shadows,                                                                                                  
June 1998 Edition                      “Collage,” “Night Life,” “Crusin’ Shangri-LA,” “Tempest,” “Escape,”                                                                                              Poetry Magazine,    
Jan. 1998, Issue 3                       “Rising,” “Looking Glass,” “Expectations,” Road of Shadows,
Jan 1998 Edition                         “Sublimate,”” “Philosopher,” Poetry Magazine,                         

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Oct. 2009                         Played "Actress" in "The Colour Purple," Spontaneous Combustion, Center Stage Theater, Jerusalem
Sept. 2007                        Various readings, Valentine's Performance, Times Square Playwrights, NY
May 2002                          Reading of 2001-2 Writing Prize Winners, Faculty Club, UC Berkeley, CA
April 2002                         Lunch Time Poetry Series, Morrison Library, UC Berkeley, CA
Feb. 2001                           Readings from Sapphic Litorus, at Mama Bear’s, Berkeley, CA
Feb. 2001                           Release Party for Sapphic Litorus, in the Tilden Room, UC Berkeley, CA